A three cornered hat and a convergence of destinies

Recap and introduction!
What has happened and where is this going?


Ildor, Quark and Doub arrived in Uxphon together, after weeks of travelling north and away from civilisation. Companions of convenience, the three entered Uxphon with obfuscated motivations and goals, yet enter they did.

After witnessing the suffering of the people at the hands of a cabal of noble families (that is only referring to status, not any personal or collective social trait), our heroes decided to see what could be done with this social injustice.

They uncovered a small time underground conveyor track (rail road), led by a mysterious man in a three cornered hat called Bartholomew the Red. Being quite confused and unskilled in the social etiquette of urbanites and civilised sentients, our heroes first decided to help this resistance, by raiding some lord’s manor (he was away on warlike business for the Amber Pope). Freeing the slaves and killing the thugs, our heroes stole a whole lot of fancy stuff, ran to Bartholomew and asked him to fence it.

Next, Ildor and Quark burned another manor, killed the son of one of the larger families (and put his head in a stasis box), then they broke into a warehouse they suspected belonged to Bartholomew (or some other dude), found a three cornered hat, stole this and in short order paralyzed the activities of whatever organisation Bartholomew led. Quark and Ildor discovered that putting the hat on made the wearer look like Bartholomew. Quark kept the hat.

Deciding to lay low after attacking a manor, killing a noble, setting fire to another manor and stealing from a warehouse, Quark and Ildor decides to split up and hide in the lower city. Wandering around, Ildor comes upon a nice little tavern. Here Peile is telling stories and singing for lodging (and some pay). Ildor and Peile join forces and decide to explore the city and see if there are stories to be found and numenera to be discovered in the vast system of tunnels and massive pipes that permeates Uxphon and the mountains.

Going through a gate hidden underneath and in the back of a shop with useful things, Ildor and Peile explore the tunnels. They fight bandits, find old numenera and discover a great serpentine being living underneath Uxphon. It, or she, needs help as she has discovered some nefarious scheme being set in motion far away, by a machine like creature that can transfer it’s consciousness through the air and inhabit inanimate beings and automatons.

Through the mountain and into the Beyond

Peile and Ildor made their way through the tunnels and came upon an ancient conveyor. After some searching and pest removal, they activated the conveyance, Ildor swooped down and aboard, the conveyor sped up.

Some time later they arrived at a similar location as they departed from, but it is in even more disrepair. From there Peile and Ildor made their way up and across the wilderness, passing a wailing lake and on to a large tower. In the distance Ildor and Peile could make out lumbering automatons and slithering gel like creatures. Deciding that caution is the better part of valour, Ildor made an effort and carried Peile high up and above, across the landscape to the top level of the tower.

Using numenera given to them by the serpentine creature, they broke the tower and the numenera that could transmit the being’s consciousness.

Peile and Ildor then made their way back to the conveyance (quickly inspecting the wailing statues in the lake, deciding to move on rather quickly) and then to Uxphon. The serpentine creature was satisfied.

We’re leaving…

Having returned as unknown heroes and saviours of the world (or at least a part of the world), Ildor and Peile met up with Quark and a flaming warrior who’s name remained unmentioned. Together they decided to leave the cesspool of slavery and oppression that was Uxphon (and to get away from trouble the law of course). Entering the tunnels by way of the shop, they travel east into and up in the mountains only to leave by a hole high up, travel back south and west, and then onwards to the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. The reason? Exploration, hovering crystals and the promise of secrets from the past…

Going eastwards our band of heroes one day see a tower on the horizon and decide to investigate. The journey takes them into a labyrinth of boulders, stones and crystals. Soon they are beset upon by vicious creatures: Chirogs. Fighting off one after an attempt to talk their way past (they are told that beyond the labyrinth there is only convergence), the heroes are pursued by these abhumans until they end up at the bottom of cliff face. Ildor takes their rope and flies upwards to provide a path for the other heroes. At the same time the group is attacked by more Chirogs. Quark and the unnamed fiery warrior fights courageously, while Peile fires arrows and help where he can.

After an intense skirmish and just as Ildor returns, the Chirogs are either dead or fleeing. Our heroes scales the cliff and once at the top, they can see the tower much closer, looming above them…

They make camp and start to plan their strategy to investigate and explore the tower…


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