Exploring the past to discover a future

A group of heroic (and part-time paranoid) individuals travel the Ninth World in search of meaning, treasure and answers. Their deeds include: arranging a slave revolt; the burning of a mansion; stealing a three cornered hat; managing not to be eaten by a snake-like creature the size of a bus; travelling across a wasteland to destroy a virus transmitting itself in some esoteric manner; getting some interesting tattoos and leaving a city in the most complicated manner by going east to travel west. And into the wasteland they went.

Dramatis personae

Ildor the Perofal Nano who Explores Dark Places.
She, he … it? Prefers open space, it’s easier to spread one’s wings in such places. Ildor also has a curiosity and connection with the numenera that is uncanny and mysterious.

Peile the Charming Jack who Entertains
A travelling storyteller and collector of stories, Peile has a thing for hygiene, which may be a symptom of the more paranoid traits. Not fearful, yet he possesses an apprehensive recklessness in the face of the mysterious.

Quark the Graceful Glaive who Rages
Covered in hides and ferns, Quark is neither subtle nor clumsy. In fact, he’s graceful and his fists can punch through a grown man’s head, with ease.

He Who Has No Name the Tough Glaive who Bears a Halo of Fire
Nameless and dangerous. He wields an array of different weapons, one of which is basically setting himself on fire.

Doub the Mechanical Jack who Crafts Unique Objects
Unsociable, resourceful and curious.

A three cornered hat and a convergence of destinies

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